We all have things in our lives that we want, but have yet to obtain.  For some of us it's more money, a dream house, new job, a dream romantic partner or even that vacation to Europe.  If we have a desire but have yet to match up with it, it means we're not aligned with it.  I help you align with what you want.  The first step is to get clear about why we want what we want, and how we think we'll feel once we get it.  Then, we have to look at all the reasons that we don't have it yet.  What are our beliefs about it?  Why would we not want this?  I work with you to neutralize all these limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are sabotaging our success.  As we continue along this journey, I provide loving support helping you to maintain excitedly focused on what you want while increasing your connection to the universal loving energy that is supporting your journey.

One of the first things I help my clients do is get clear about what they want.  If you want to plan a vacation, you first pick what you want to feel and then you decide on the location that's going to give you what your soul is craving.  Some may want to go to Hawaii because they want the feelings of relaxation, beauty and for their soul to light up in the midst of natural waterfalls and earthly wonders.  Others may want to go to Hong Kong to experience the hustle and bustle of the city.  They may crave new cultural experiences and street food from local vendors because it makes their heart feel alive with adventure.  Nether vacation is right or wrong, but in order to ensure we wind up having the experience that lights up our soul, we first need to decide what we want to feel and then we pick the destination that will allow us to experience that feeling.  I do the same with coaching.  Many people do it backwards and think they want one thing when their desired feelings are actually a match for something elseI'll dig deep with you to clarify your vision for your life based on how you want it to feel.
Clear Resistance
This is the area that most people struggle. If you already have a clear picture of what you want and you're not there yet, there is some resistance that needs to be worked through and released.  Resistance is anything that prevents your energy from vibrationally aligning with that of your desires.  It often shows up as limiting beliefs, thought patterns and emotions that are in direct conflict with what we've decided we want.  I use a number of tools to address each of these one-by-one or collectively until you are aligned and feel free and excited to move forward with grace and ease.
Maintain Positive Momentum
Once we know what we want and are working on clearing resistance by neutralizing beliefs, etc., we now have to maintain our focus on the goal when distractions and disappointments occur.  It is natural to experience growing pains and I help soften the effect by working through them in a loving and supportive way that helps you see why this happened and how to clear the energy so it doesn't happen again.  We then get immediately refocused on the goal and WHY we have this desire.  We expand upon the feelings of this goal coming to fruition and become magnetically tied to our vision in a way that feels GREAT!
Strengthen Your Connection to Source
At the core of everything I teach is the deepening of your spiritual connection to source - whether you call it God, The Universe, Divine, Holy Spirit or the Big Kahuna!  Everything I do is based in universal spiritual principals of love and benevolence.  I practice the law of attraction and A Course In Miracles and often weave their principals into my sessions.  My primary goal is for you to trust in your loving connection to the spiritual truth of who you are, because I know in doing so, all the other elements become easier and fall into place.  I enjoy being your faithful companion to guide you back home to the love that is you.
Contact: Christina@ChristinaBCourtney.com, 805-252-5950