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Christina Courtney has touched many lives with her profound work as a speaker, trainer, artist and student of personal and spiritual development. It’s Christina’s mission to help people who are ready for transformation, evolve past their old limiting beliefs and align with their authentic selves so that they can live the blissful life they were meant to live.

“Many people believe that their life is more or less dependent on an outer source, whether they call it God, Source, The Universe, (bad) luck, destiny, etc. I believe everyone has this type of power and capability within, and it’s just a matter of getting back in touch with the true essence of who we are. From this space, anything is possible! Every time I can inspire someone to make that amazing leap and shift in consciousness, I feel grateful and in awe to witness and companion someone along their own sacred journey,” says Christina.

With Christina’s diverse background in Corporate America, broad understanding of spiritual principals and vast personal experiences with struggles of the human condition, she embodies a unique balance of professionalism and heart to help people grow in the 21st century. Her witty sense of humor, down-to-earth perspective, practical tools, compassion and deep spiritual insights, make growth fun and attainable for everyone with a deep desire to evolve. She’s worked with clients all over the world ranging from stay at home moms to a corporate executive.
"It was so fascinating to witness Christina use her intuitive gifts by not only expressing them verbally and from the heart, but also make my personal messages tangible in the form of lasting art! Christina truly is a confident, gifted Intuitive Artist and I HIGHLY recommend anyone give themselves the opportunity to experience this unique treasure!"
"Christina Courtney has amazing intuition and does a fantastic job at intuitive art, consulting, organizing group events and team building events. She is kind, professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!!!"
-Michelle Post
"My Skype session was AMAZING!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do!"
-Maria Therase Cucinotta
"Christina is tuned and tapped into spirit's guidance! I so appreciate her gift!"
-Regina S.
"It was a beautiful reading and such great conformation that totally resonates!"
-Saeng J.
"Time went by so quickly, like having tea with a great friend."
-Gayana A.
Many aspects of our lives, especially our dreams and desires, are intangible and hard to put into words. Christina conducts one-on-one sessions where she uses Intuitive Art to anchor the energy of your desired manifestations in physical form on canvas.  If you have a desire to pick up the paintbrush yourself, come to one of her popular "Intuitive Art for Manifesting" workshops where you'll be guided through her process of bringing your dreams to life on canvas and beyond!
Christina works with clients who are ready to take their life to the next level with weekly coaching sessions.  Whether you're looking to manifest a dream job, relationship or just more abundance and bliss, Christina will help you gain clarity about what you REALLY want and help you consistently take steps aligned with your desires becoming reality.  When fears or limiting belief systems appear to cause road blocks, Christina uses a myriad of tools including EFT, energy work among other things to release whatever's holding you back. Ask about her new client specials!
Open minded and creative keynote speaker on personal development, team building, self-care and the power of intuition.  Whether you're looking for a full day of corporate training exercises or a 30-minute breakout session, Christina has a wide variety of topics that will add that "special something" to any event.  Experienced in everything from workshops and retreats to birthday parties and bridal showers, Christina is happy to customize any of her presentations to meet your unique needs. 
Want to continue your own personal development journey face to face or virtually?  We've got you covered!  Come to one of Christina's live events or workshops where you'll grow in a loving and supportive environment surrounded by like minded individuals.  Want to grow at home? Download Christina's ebook course that will walk you through creating a customized morning routine that'll have you waking up on the right side of the bed everyday!
Have you always dreamed of having a soul tribe of like minded individuals all helping each other become the best versions of themselves?  It's finally here!  Come join your own "Spiritual Midwife" group where we meet regularly and see the best in each other, so that we can "birth" our truest potential!  Don't let the name fool you... groups are all female, co-ed or all male.  There's something for everyone! (The all male groups lovingly refer to themselves as 'mid-bros')  ;)
Contact:, 805-252-5950